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Cold Air Intake

Modifications for 2006

I put the car away for the winter, since despite any improvements, they are still not a winter vehicle! This spring, I installed a C&L cold air intake, which (theoretically) should add another 25 horsepower. You can't have a Mustang and not modify it, right?

To adjust the car for the intake, I used a Diablosport Predator tuner, which also allowed me to remove the speed limiter. Now the car doesn't stop when it hits the 140mph limit. It stops when the engine blows up! I can't say that I've noticed a huge difference, but I think it sounds a little louder!

When I took it out for a test drive after installing the intake, I got on a straight stretch of road and started working through the gears. I was looking back and forth between the road and the tachometer, and not paying much attention to the speedometer. I stopped accelerating at about 5200 RPM in fourth gear, and noticed I had blown by some people bicycling on the other side of the road at a little over 100mph!

Before After
Stock Intake C&L Intake C&L Intake

To assist in this, I purchased a G-Tech, which is an instrument measures RPM's (from the power plug into the cigarette lighter) and the acceleration with accelerometers inside the unit. Based on these values, as well as time and the mass of the car, it can produce fairly accurate torque, horsepower and speed curves.