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Exhaust and Underdrive Pullies

Make it louder, make it faster...


I added a Steeda-branded Borla Stinger exhaust.  This is a straight-through design, and quite a bit louder than the stock exhaust.  I did the install myself in the garage, and as always, it took longer than it should!

Underdrive Pullies

Underdrive pullies (commonly referred to as UDPs) change the ratio of the pulley used to drive the crankshaft to the accessory pullies.  This gives more power to the driveshaft, but less to the alternator and water pump.  Supposedly, they're worth 5 horsepower or so.  Justin was nice enough to come down and help me install them.  We did the install over two days, with a few trips to the auto parts store!  When all was said and done, it wasn't a huge difference, but the engine revs a little faster, and it feels like it has a bit more power.