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First "Scratch"

Missing Mirror Fortunately, the Mustang's first scratch was easily repairable, if not cheap! I was pulling into my sister-in-law's garage to store the car overnight, and I was going a little fast. And it was a narrow garage! I came flying in, and caught the outer inch and a half of the passenger side mirror on the garage door frame. I heard the "CRUNCH!" and knew immediately what had happened.

The mirrors on the Mustang have bolts cast into the plastic that go through the door of the car, and are fastened on the inside with a nut. When the mirror hit the door frame, it broke the bolts out of the mirror, and it was dangling by the wires for the power mirror. There was no body damage or scratches, so I wasn't too upset. It scared the crap out of my niece that was riding with me at the time.

If anyone's interested, the price of a new mirror for a 2005 Mustang is $225! Not cheap, but, as I said, better than body or paint damage! We drove home from Pittsburgh for three hours without a mirror, and you never realize how much you use the things until you don't have one! I replaced it a few days later, and learned my lesson.