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GT vs V6 Mustang

Mustang GT versus V6 -- What's the difference?
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About two cylinders and 100 horsepower. Alternatively, two fog lights! Seriously, though, after getting a Mustang, I started noticing other Mustangs on the road. The GT has traditionally been the higher end of the two, usually sporting a V8 engine, and some performance and handling enhancements. After awhile, I started to look for a few key features to distinguish between the two. For anyone interested, I've compiled a short (and likely somewhat inaccurate) list of some quick observations to distinguish between a Mustang GT and V6. This mostly applies to the 90's and 2000's models.

  • The GT usually has a GT logo on the front quarter panels. The V6 usually has some variety of "pony" logo (above) or no logo at all.
  • The GT's have traditionally had fog lights while the V6's have not. In the 2004 and previous model years, the fog lights are tucked away in the bottom of the front fascia. While fog lights do not always make a GT, due to aftermarket parts or the (really cool) "Pony Package" on the 2006 V6, lack of fog lights almost always indicates a V6.
  • The GT may have MUSTANG GT embossed on the back bumper in pre-2005 models, while the V6 just has MUSTANG.
  • The presence of a decorative tape stripe along the bottom sides of the car usually indicates a V6. As far as I know, this is/was not an option for the GT. However, if this tape stripe says GT500, you're dealing with a different beast!
  • Dual exhausts usually indicate a GT.