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2010 News

Eddie and Singing Frankenstein
Eddie talks to Frankenstein, kicks him, and rolls over. With cameos by Wyatt and Pepper.
Happy Eddie!
Eddie's a happy baby on his changing table. He likes talking to Mom and Dad.
Videos of Wyatt and Pepper with Eddie
The dogs love Eddie! These are some videos we shot with our Flip Video camera of them interacting with him.
Dad reading to Eddie
We were reading "Mickey and the Beanstalk", and it seemed to be a hit. Although he pooped himself and fell asleep halfway through.
Edward's Film Debut
Edward's awake and ready to eat! I tried to talk Kristen into "dinner and a show", but she's not that much of an exhibitionist. Edward and mommy are doing really well, and are planning on coming home tomorrow.
Edward Ridge Simkins
Born 10:46pm 6/20/2010. 6 pounds, 7oz. 20 inches.
Snakes In The Yard
Kristen and I were planting some forsythia in the yard, and we kept seeing different snakes on and around the rocks.
Corbin Jay Poirier
Justin and Marie's new addition!
.357 Magnum: Good for cropping photos?
Target shooting this afternoon had an unusual outcome!
26 Week Sonogram
So far so good!
Baby's Room
Update on the baby's room
Website now in Plone!
Since I've been working with Plone at Penn State, I decided to put my personal site into Plone as well.