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Edward Ridge Simkins

Born 10:46pm 6/20/2010. 6 pounds, 7oz. 20 inches.
Edward Ridge Simkins

Tim, Kristen and Edward

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Edward Ridge Simkins


Kristen's water broke at 6am on 6/20, and we got to the hospital around 8:00am. Labor went slow at first, but some walking around got things going. Contractions were steady, but nothing was really happening, so Kristen got some Pitocin to help speed things along around 8pm, and things started happening faster. Kristen was cursing me until around 9:40pm, when she was completely dilated, and could start pushing.  She popped him out at 10:46pm after an hour of pushing.

I'm really proud of Kristen, since she made it through the whole thing without any pain medication or epidurals. She's still not sure if she's happy about that, but we'll see.

More pictures to follow, but we have to go do baby stuff now. Edward is as stretchy now that he's on the outside as he was on the inside!