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.357 Magnum: Good for cropping photos?

Target shooting this afternoon had an unusual outcome!
.357 Magnum: Good for cropping photos?

.357 and "cropped" photos

After getting all the yard work done today, I figured I would put a few rounds through the Ruger GP-100 .357.  Initially I was shooting at some expired picnic relish squeeze bottles, but after a few shots, they're kind of unusable. I hit one just right, though, and splattered relish all over the side of the hill.

I moved on to shooting at a hard-bound high school "Who's Who" from 1992 that my wife was throwing out.  When I finished with that, I went to check and see how the 158 grain semi-jacked hollow points worked on a book. To my surprise, I found a handful of locket-sized portraits that the hollow points had neatly carved out into ovals slightly larger than a dime (0.705 inches.)

So, in addition to expanding to twice the original diameter, these bullets worked very well for cropping pictures! I was pretty impressed.