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Responsive Data Tables
May 14, 2014
NPR recently posted a great article on their method for making data tables responsive for mobile devices. In implementing this method, I came up with two tweaks to make it a little easier, and more responsive.
Plone Performance Troubleshooting: ContextState.actions()
Mar 27, 2014
In troubleshooting one of our "slow" Plone sites, I found that we were calling a deprecated method that was causing performance issues. This article details the methods used to test performance, how I determined the cause of the performance problems, and how I addressed it.
Firefox about:config URL bar tweaks
Apr 02, 2012
In about:config, these are some settings I use to undo some of the "friendly" (note the quotes) behavior introduced in newer versions of Firefox.
Stuntman Eddie
Jan 26, 2012
The best part of Christmas is the boxes the toys came in, right? They're even more fun when you go "Death Proof" on them with your Cozy Coupe!
Rinnai R75LSi Tankless Water Heater: First Year Costs
Jul 01, 2011
One of the reasons we bought a tankless ("on demand") water heater was for the luxury of never running out of hot water. However, another big driver was saving money. After a almost year of having the Rinnai, we're still very impressed with both the functionality and cost savings over the original oil burner setup.
Eddie loves making fart noises/Grandpa Ed pushing Eddie on the swing
Apr 30, 2011
Daddy taught Eddie well! That's my boy.
Eddie's New Toy
Mar 03, 2011
You spend all the money on fancy toys for these kids, and they want to play with... the laundry basket!
Eddie Loves Wyatt
Jan 21, 2011
Eddie petting (and nomming) Wyatt the hound.
Eddie in his bouncy chair
Jan 21, 2011
Eddie squeaks, bounces and plays with the toys in his bouncy chair. He's practicing standing up!
Eddie reading his book
Jan 21, 2011
Eddie "reads" about Clifford the Big Red Dog. And falls over!
Site upgraded to Plone 4!
Jan 16, 2011
I've been meaning to get Plone upgraded from version 3.3 to version 4 and I was finally able to do that today (with lots of patient Eddie-watching by Kristen!)
Eddie and Singing Frankenstein
Nov 05, 2010
Eddie talks to Frankenstein, kicks him, and rolls over. With cameos by Wyatt and Pepper.
Happy Eddie!
Oct 06, 2010
Eddie's a happy baby on his changing table. He likes talking to Mom and Dad.
Videos of Wyatt and Pepper with Eddie
Sep 16, 2010
The dogs love Eddie! These are some videos we shot with our Flip Video camera of them interacting with him.
Dad reading to Eddie
Jun 24, 2010
We were reading "Mickey and the Beanstalk", and it seemed to be a hit. Although he pooped himself and fell asleep halfway through.
Edward's Film Debut
Jun 21, 2010
Edward's awake and ready to eat! I tried to talk Kristen into "dinner and a show", but she's not that much of an exhibitionist. Edward and mommy are doing really well, and are planning on coming home tomorrow.
Edward Ridge Simkins
Jun 20, 2010
Born 10:46pm 6/20/2010. 6 pounds, 7oz. 20 inches.
Snakes In The Yard
May 23, 2010
Kristen and I were planting some forsythia in the yard, and we kept seeing different snakes on and around the rocks.
Corbin Jay Poirier
Apr 18, 2010
Justin and Marie's new addition!
.357 Magnum: Good for cropping photos?
Apr 11, 2010
Target shooting this afternoon had an unusual outcome!