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2015 Silverado
Apr 11, 2017
Silverado work truck, V-6 and 4WD, purchased April 2017
Bailey, Colorado
Sep 15, 2013
Photos from my camping trip to Bailey, Colorado
New Deer Camp
Dec 03, 2011
Photos of our new deer camp (closed on it 11/14/2011) in southeastern Potter County. I didn't have any luck hunting up there this year, but next year I'll have some time to go out and do some scouting beforehand!
Myrtle Beach
Apr 10, 2011
April 2011 vacation pictures from Myrtle Beach, SC. Including scenic views from our balcony, beach pictures, Brookgreen Gardens, and Twin Lakes State Park, VA
Turkeys Behind Our House
Sep 16, 2010
Eddie and I were playing a game on the computer, and Kristen looked out the window and said, "Wow, look at all those turkeys!" There were thirteen turkeys in all, and I got to try out my 200mm zoom lens for my Nikon SLR.
Sunrise and Rainbow
Sep 12, 2010
Some pretty views out over our valley
Eddie and Family
Sep 12, 2010
Eddie and lots of our friends and family
Clarkson Guys Reunion
Sep 12, 2010
Tim, Kristen and Eddie; Justin, Marie and Corbin; Brian, Bilee and Bryce; Mark and Tara; Chris
Eddie, Grandma Gale, Wyatt and Pepper
Jun 26, 2010
Even more pictures of Eddie! Some with grandma Gale and proud big brothers Wyatt and Pepper.
Eddie comes home
Jun 23, 2010
Coming home and getting a bath. Kelly and the girls decorated the living room and wrote a nice note on the blackboard. Eddie isn't particularly fond of being bathed, but he LOVES having his hair washed. Wyatt and Pepper love him, and are very gentle. Wyatt almost never leaves the baby's side. We're calling him the 'nanny'!
Hospital and Visitors
Jun 22, 2010
Eddie being weighed and measured, visits from his aunt and cousins.
Edward Ridge Simkins
Jun 20, 2010
First set of photos for Eddie
Baby's Room
Apr 09, 2010
The baby's room is mostly done. Kelly and Nikki helped us paint, and we put up the border. We just got the crib finished yesterday.
Snowfall and Dogs in the Woods
Feb 06, 2010
Approximately 8" of snow. I spent most of the day snow blowing, but we found time to take the dogs for a run in the woods!
Penn State Pictures
Jan 29, 2010
These are some pictures I took at work with my new Nikon D3000
Ithaca Model 37 and Sako L57
Jan 02, 2010