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.32 Winchester Special


Bullet Weight



Winchester 1894 .32 Winchester Special

Company Powder Type Bullet Weight Powder Weight Bullet Type Primer Type Average Velocity Max Velocity Min Velocity Range Velocity StdDev Velocity Muzzle Energy (ft-lbs) Date
Remington Factory 170 Factory JSP Factory 2170 2207 2118 89 27 1778 08/28/2014
Hornady IMR-4064 170 34.0 JSP Remington 9 1/2 2044 2095 1996 99 31 1577 08/28/2014

Disclaimer: These are actual chronograph results for the specified firearm/load combination. They are provided for informational and comparison purposes only. This is not a reloading manual. The listed loads and are not guaranteed to be safe loads for your particular firearm or mine. Always start 10% below the maximum load listed in a reliable and current reloading manual.