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.380 ACP


Bullet Weight



Walther PPK/S

Company Powder Type Bullet Weight Powder Weight Bullet Type Primer Type Average Velocity Max Velocity Min Velocity Range Velocity StdDev Velocity Muzzle Energy (ft-lbs) Date
Winchester Factory 95 Factory FMJ Factory 866 893 834 59 19 158 12/29/2014
Moyer W231 95 3.2 LRN WSP 830 850 799 51 18 145 12/29/2014

Disclaimer: These are actual chronograph results for the specified firearm/load combination. They are provided for informational and comparison purposes only. This is not a reloading manual. The listed loads and are not guaranteed to be safe loads for your particular firearm or mine. Always start 10% below the maximum load listed in a reliable and current reloading manual.